What makes a rental apartment or house a home? The first thing to consider is price — how much in rent per month you will be paying and the one-time deposit, plus additional monthly costs like trash pickup and water service. As a general rule, most professional property management companies require tenants to earn about 3 times more than what the rent is.

For example, if the rent on an apartment is $800, potential tenants should make $2,400 per month (combined income of multiple individuals). This is a good rule of thumb to follow, as it will help ensure the rent payments won’t be too high for your income. Some applicants overstate their income to qualify for more expensive housing, and aside from the background checks for renters and income verification that is required at premier Eureka property management companies, you may also be getting in over your head if you overstate your income.

When you don’t have to stress about affording Humboldt County rentals, it is much easier to feel at home.

One often forgotten aspect of moving is how far your job is away from your new home. Add the estimated cost of gasoline to cover your commute in the budget to see if the rental you are looking at is actually affordable in your situation.

Another factor to consider is what amenities you are looking for and what you intend to bring with you. Have a washer and dryer? If you want to use them, you’ll need a place that have the proper hookups. If you don’t have these appliances, you can search for apartment complexes that include a washer/dryer facility for all tenants.

A few other items to consider when looking for Eureka or Arcata CA rentals:

  • What pets, if any, are allowed
  • Backyard space
  • Apply for multiple apartments at a time, in case your top choice is taken
  • Distance from your child’s school
  • Number of full bathrooms
  • High quality, professional property management
  • Security — alarms, deadbolts, window locks, cameras, etc.
  • Which floor you want to be on
  • Amount of privacy
  • Reputation of of property management specialists that rent to you

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