“A dog is a man’s best friend” has long been a saying to show the companionship we find with our animals. This statement has never been more appropriate for the average household as pet ownership numbers have steadily increased. Approximately 65% of households own a pet, and a recent survey by Apartments.com showed that almost 72% of renters have pets.

As an Arcata landlord, it is essential that you are aware of the present trends that can affect your business. The Humane Society of America recently published an article directed at investment homeowners and landlords that named the benefits of renting to pet owners, noting that landlords have a bigger pool of candidates to select from and that these residents tend to stay longer in a unit, minimizing costs of advertising and turnover.

When you work with Real Property Management Humboldt, we help make sure that your property is paired with the right residents, and their pets, if you decide to allow this on your property. Find out more about how to pet-proof your Arcata rental property today.

Why You Should Pet-Proof Your Property

One of the primary reasons why you have pet-proof your property is to pull in more quality and qualified residents that keep our rental property business healthy. By foreseeing renting to a pet owner, you can implement changes to your lease agreement and physical property to prepare for a pet to reside in your rental property.

Many landlords worry they will have a “bad pet” and regret permitting them on the property. This can usually be avoided, however, with the correct pet screening procedure, which ensures that the pet has been assessed and approved just as a resident would be.

Pet proofing your property is one of the best ways to limit possible damage to your property. While the security deposit that your resident provides would cover any incurred damage, no one wants to redo the floors or give the walls a new layer of paint before it is needed. By making pet-smart decisions regarding your rental property, you can avoid this in the first place and do business with homeowners with pets.

How to Pet-Proof Your Property

Nevertheless, whether your property has already been prepared for residents, or if you are in the remodeling stage, there are plenty of easy ways to pet-proof your property. Save money by using these cost-effective ways to rent to pet owners with less potential headaches.

Flooring seems to be the biggest concern for landlords when renting to pets, fearing that their lovely hardwood floor will be ruined. This can be protected by using polyurethane, which seals wooden floors and protects against these aspects, or by installing laminate flooring that looks like wood flooring but holds up better to traffic during the remodeling.

Think of your home’s exterior as well. Pet doors or granting the authority to have them installed if you have a fenced yard is also something to consider. Patios and balcony railings may be made safer with gates, plexiglass, etc. Additionally, the paint you use in the home can go a long way to ensuring you protect your investment. Although flat paint is less expensive to apply, semi-gloss or velvet paint allows for easier wipe-down and clean up when friends have mishaps, furry or otherwise.

Weighty, thick blinds are perfect both to keep your rental property cool in the summer and trap heat in the winter, but also to prevent an animal from pulling down blinds or playing with any flimsy cord or fabric. Baby gates can also be used, but this is something you will want to task your resident to provide and protect.

Utilize these pet-proofing tips for your Arcata rental property and begin seeing the benefits of allowing pets on your property. If you would like more information about Real Property Management Humboldt and our services, contact us online or call us at 707-444-3835 today.