To most Americans, the holiday of Halloween means candy. For many of them, especially the kids, the most popular Halloween activity would be trick-or-treating. And this is true for virtually the whole country, including in Fortuna. You have a couple of choices when celebrating the evening. You may plan to go trick-or-treating by going out or they may stay home and receive costumed guests for candies. Either way, you still need to go through some important steps to ensure the evening is a safe and enjoyable one for all. 

First, should you choose to go out trick-or-treating, there are a few simple safety rules that they should stick to. Something you could do is suggest to your tenants to use reflective tape on costumes or carry flashlights to help improve visibility while walking down dark streets. It also won’t hurt to provide some advice about costumes. Avoid masks that obstruct your vision and skip the oversized shoes, robes, or skirts that could cause someone to trip and fall. Tell your tenants that, when they leave the house, they should secure all doors, douse any candles, and turn off all electronic decorations. This is because of the huge risk that candles and electric decorations pose— if left unattended. They are one of the leading causes of residential fires on Halloween.

Little girl in witch costume playing in autumn park. Child having fun at Halloween trick or treat. Kids trick or treating. Toddler kid with jack-o-lantern. Children with candy bucket in fall forest.

The second thing we’re going to look at is how to properly prepare for visitors. This subject is also a part of Halloween that shouldn’t be neglected. You can start by performing regular landscaping maintenance or ensuring that your tenants have done so. Clearing away overgrowth, low-hanging branches, and other potential hazards are something you could do before the holiday.

You can help the kids stay safe by clearing leaves and debris from sidewalks, driveways, and walkways, as well as removing any tripping hazards like garden hoses. It’s also a nice idea to check the property’s exterior lights to see if they all work. If not, you may need to replace any burned-out bulbs. As you check the lights, look around for any dark areas around the property. These should ideally be illuminated with extra light sources, such as landscaping lights or even battery-powered tea lights in decorative bags. A clear and well-lit walkway is a safe walkway.

If you to get with the spirit of the holiday by placing jack o’ lanterns around the house, you have to make sure you do it safely. Here are a couple of tips. First, make sure doorways and walkways are free of candles and other hazards. Alternatively, there are some lighting sources that do not require an open flame. Those would be better. However, if you prefer to be traditional and go with candles in your decorating, place it in a low-risk area. See to it that they are at a safe distance from where visitors might be walking or standing. You must also make sure that all exterior decorations are properly secured. Should a decorative item fall and injure a visitor, or perhaps an improperly placed candle burn someone or start a fire, this could result in a lawsuit against Residents or the property owner.

There are some additional things your tenant can do to prevent accidents and injuries on Halloween. If you have pets and plans to give out candy on Halloween, keep your furry friends indoors and secured in a safe location. It’s the best option for the sake of your pet’s safety. This ensures that nobody gets hurt because a dog was stressed out by a bunch of strangers. Together with that, wouldn’t you absolutely hate it if your dog injured someone?

Next – what items are considered safe and appropriate for trick-or-treaters of all ages? The best option is store-bought, individually wrapped items. But you have to make sure that they are big enough to not pose as a choking hazard. In some areas, an alternative is to leave a bowl of treats outside. This is a good option if you are not planning to hand out candies themselves. 


Halloween-in-Quarantine events and activities!

Community Services is excited to share family-friendly, Halloween-in-Quarantine events and activities!  While the festivities may look a little different this year, the fun (and candy!) is the same.  Both City events have been approved by the Humboldt County Department of Public Health. 

From Recreation: Pumpkin Hunts at Sequoia Park, Cooper Gulch & 20/30 Park for ages 12 & under on Saturday, October 31st, 2020 Visit the park closest to you, complete the pumpkin hunt and win prizes.  Wear a mask, social distance and come during the following times depending on your child’s age: 0-6 years old (11am-12:30pm), 7-9 years old (12:30pm-2pm) and 10-12 years old (2pm-3pm).  Please limit your experience to one park.  Halloween Pumpkin Hunt on Facebook

From Sequoia Park Zoo: Take a spooky stroll around the Zoo at this year’s Boo at the Zoo, a Zoo Members Only Premiere Experience on October 31st, 2020 from 3pm-6pm.  Zoo Members can reserve their spot starting October 15th.  Not a Zoo Member?  Sign-up for a Zoo membership today at  Boo at the Zoo, Zoo Members Only on Facebook

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