If you’re like most, your medicine cabinet may have half-full bottles of over-the-counter medicines and even some leftover prescription drugs.


What does a medication expiration date mean?

A drug doesn’t work as well as it should after it expires. Look closely at the label, carton or bottom of the medicine bottle to find the expiration date: Can’t find it? Experts say most medicines expire in one year.


Does it make a difference how I store my medication?

Contrary to popular belief, the bathroom—especially the medicine cabinet— is not a good place to keep your drugs because heat and moisture can damage them. Medicine should be stored somewhere cool and dry.


Protect our water – don’t flush it!!

Expired or unwanted medicine is not to be flushed down your toilet! Research by the World Health Organization and many other research organizations has revealed that many of our waterway systems that were tested contained a large number of pharmaceutical elements. This can impact our environment because once this contaminated water enters our sewer systems, water treatment facilities may not remove all of the toxins. As a result, this water is now in our watersheds.



How do I dispose of it?

You can always dispose of your drugs safely at a Walgreens near you. Take your prescription drugs out of their original containers and remove personal information, including Rx number, by scratching it off or covering it with black permanent marker or duct tape.