It’s Summer and that means it’s time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you like trekking into the woods to camp or enjoy sitting around a fire pit or grill in your own backyard, fire safety should always come first. 

Here are some safety guidelines you should keep in mind:

Outdoor fire safety

  • Move the grill away from siding, decking, and other things that can catch fire.
  • Stay with the grill the entire time you’re cooking.
  • Use long-handled barbecue tools when cooking on the grill.
  • Use a metal screen over wood-burning fires to keep sparks from floating out.
  • Turn off or put out fires before you leave the outside
  • Build campfires at least 15 feet away from tent walls, shrubs or other things that burn.
  • The best way to stay safe from fireworks is to not use them.


For more information about safety tips, please visit the website for the US Fire Administration here.