Humboldt Bay Fire is “committed to community service through leadership, vision, and integrity.” This aligns with Real Property Management’s mission to “improve lives and our community by elevating property management standards.” Because of this aligned commitment to community service, recently Humboldt Bay Fire and Real Property Management worked together to inspect rental units and meet new 2021 fire safety requirements.test smoke alarm 


Both the State and Local Fire Marshall require that for R-2 properties, all units be inspected. Inspections are due annually (California Code, Health and Safety Code –  HSC 13146.2)


In the past, Humboldt Bay Fire would conduct their own inspections on units and report any needs for maintenance. In 2021 the fire inspection guidelines became more strict which led Real Property Management to guide the new dedicated fire inspector through every unit to ensure new safety enhancements were implemented quickly.

smoke alarm test

November 2021 through January 2022, Real Property Management acted rapidly to help Humboldt Bay Fire inspect hundreds of units and swiftly conducted maintenance to meet new 2021 safety requirements to better protect the safety of Residents in our community.