A great yard gives off an extremely good first impression, and first impressions are very important for keeping your McKinleyville rental homes well-maintained. But the commitment involved in maintaining a fine lawn can be overwhelming at times. 

The fact is that there are important tasks that go together with maintaining a healthy lawn, and some of these tasks are seasonally specific. During the winter, lawns in most areas are dormant, a necessary defense against the cold. Spring’s warmer temperatures will bring a burst of fresh green grass and, at the same time, several important lawn maintenance tasks.

A whole-yard clean-up is an important first step in any lawn care. Cleaning up leaves and debris is essential because it lets the fertilizer and water to seep into the soil below. Warm-season grasses need to be detached and aerated in the springtime, as well. Once cleared, detached, and aerated, a combination fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide should be applied to the lawn.

If done early in spring, this can deter weeds and crabgrass from taking root, and encourage grass to grow where there are bare patches. A second application is normally prescribed about six to eight weeks later, as well as a dose of a broadleaf weed killer. Use of all of these chemicals can be hazardous if not applied or handled correctly. 

Lastly, to ensure the health of your lawn is kept all year round, you would need to mow often and early in the spring. Allowing the grass to grow too high and then mowing it too short can affect the roots and kill the grass altogether. When the first new growth appears, experts recommend mowing every five days or so for the first six weeks of spring, along with proper aeration at appropriate times. This, and also seeing to it that your lawnmower is adjusted so that the blades won’t cut more than the top third of the grass, will encourage a thick and full lawn that you can enjoy all summer long.

To keep your rental home’s lawn healthy, it’s important to do regular property evaluations that monitor its condition and progress from season to season. When you hire Real Property Management, all of this is taken care of for you. We can assist you in deciding on the best type of lawn maintenance for your specific needs. More importantly, we will do regular checks to make sure your lawns are properly cared for. Feel free to email us at support@realpm.com or contact us by phone at 707-444-3835. We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.