I know with all the rain it might be hard to start thinking about – but it’s crucial for you to start planning for this spring maintenance items and get them lined up before vendors are booked out for a few weeks!

Just as you would clean the inside of your rental after a pipe burst, it’s important to maintain your property’s exterior after winter. While spring is the perfect time for your Tenants to start enjoying your property’s outdoor spaces again, it’s also the time when people start looking for their next rental.

Here are a few ideas to freshen your rentals’ exteriors so your Tenants can enjoy the space — and your prospects can be impressed.


Walk the perimeter

Walk the perimeter of your rental to check for any damage or chipping paint on the sides, window sills and door frames. Check the outside lights, and look for loose wiring or other places where the cold or wet weather may have caused some wear and tear.


Gutter Cleaning and Downspouts

All of our beautiful trees have a habit of clogging our gutters. Especially if you have some redwoods nearby. This is something we recommend you do twice a year – and the beginning of spring is a perfect time for this! Let those April showers come without worrying about water getting inside! This is the first preventative step in making sure you reduce their risk of water leaks from overflowing gutters! Crucial for spring maintenance!


Water Flow and Drainagedrain

Those April showers can come in handy – they are the best way to determine the efficiency of your water drainage. Especially if you have an underground system. This is also a great way to know if you need to have one. Water should flow away from your rental and its foundation. If this isn’t the case, you’ll need to fix the issue. Having standing water near the foundation of your Humboldt Rental Property is a recipe for some expensive repairs down the road! Standing water near walls, and windows, and other openings can also create the dreaded mold problem! Make sure you have a professional assess your property to ensure the best recommendations!



This is something that is often overlooked, but there are entire companies dedicated to just foundations, so that should tell us this is pretty important! It’s a great idea to document any cracks, or signs of shifting, or any concrete or brick deterioration. This can save you thousands in the long run if you get some early detection!


Thresholds, Entryways, and Windows

You want to make sure that weather stripping is sealed tight, also check the window ports outside, and windowsills to make sure you don’t have any eroded caulking! This can also lead to higher utility bills if the heat is escaping through the windows and doors! Highly recommended for part of your spring maintenance!



Similar to above, caulk can erode in places exposed to harsh weather. The front door is a big one! And sliding patio doors another. Be sure to have these checked! If you have cement siding – this can be another crucial place that caulking erodes over time, especially the sides of the property that get constant sunshine and heat exposure as well as the water!



After months of rain, your property’s exterior most likely needs a little attention. Pressure washing your walls will whip them back into shape in no time. Work out the best time to do this with your tenants, and give them plenty of advanced notice. Also, consider hiring a professional if you haven’t operated a pressure washer before.

Cleaning off siding helps prevent some really unwanted things from growing on it, like mold and fungi. Those sides of the house that rarely get sunshine can be a breeding ground for those unwanted specimen that cause major health concerns! A good pressure washing and scrub down will not only prolong the life of your siding but keep your tenants healthy!



A roof assessment is crucial, especially after a tough winter, or an extra dry summer. Both extremes can cause a change in your roof condition. Cleaning off the debris (before you clean the gutters) that collect over the winter months can help keep those shingles in great shape. It’s just as important to check the vents, the seals, and chimney tops to make sure there are no unwanted critters or debris.


Finally, Bring in some colorspring home

Bring some color to your curbside by planting hearty flowers or bulbs for the upcoming season. This will help catch the eyes of prospective renters as they cruise the neighborhood.

While it’s not quite warm enough (in most places) to bring out the flip-flops and lemonade, your rental will be ready and looking its best for prime leasing season! Give us a call today to get your spring maintenance scheduled!! Even if you are not a client of ours – we can connect with some incredible vendors!

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