Regular property inspections have a number of benefits to both owners and tenants. Owners benefit because of regular inspections:

  • Allow you to regularly assess the state of your Humboldt County rentals and note any current or future repairs that need to be conducted
  • Ensure your buildings are still following all state and local fire and building codes
  • Check that your tenants are not violating the lease, causing damage or subleasing the unit without permission
  • Let the tenant(s) know that you will be by every few months to check on them and the property.

While most tenants don’t look forward to an inspection, there are benefits in it for them, too:

  • Allows tenants to discuss issues in person regarding maintenance (especially when needed repairs are difficult to describe on the phone)
  • Tenants won’t have to deal with a “mystery” landlord or
  • Units get safety updates and precautio
  • ns, such as a reminder to not block vents or put items too close to a water heater


There are state laws regulating property inspections. Owners must give tenants at least a 24-hour notice that they will be coming by (unless it is an emergency) for an inspection. It can be helpful

to give more notice if you are planning in advance, as appropriate.

Real Property Management Eureka CA conducts regular inspections on the Humboldt County rentals we manage to ensure they are well-taken care of and catch potential maintenance fixes before they become problems. If you live outside of Humboldt County or just want property management specialists to handle them, find out more about Real Property Management’s services and answers to many questions you may have about property

management on our FAQ at!