As the autumn leaves begin to fall and summer flowers fade, it is important to clear them out of your rental property’s garden and yard before the warm days are replaced with cold winter days. Although it may be tempting to leave the leaves on the ground, that idea isn’t very sound. To make sure that your rental’s lawn and garden stay healthy and to encourage strong roots to grow and help withstand winter temperature, the best practice would be to remove old growth and fallen leaves each fall.

Clearing dead leaves, flowers, and old growth from the yard of your Eureka rental property is more than just a show of neatness. Cleaning up a home’s exterior affects more than just its mere appearance. Some people are under the impression that since fallen leaves and old growth are natural, that it’s okay to imitate nature and let them stay on lawns and in gardens to decompose over the winter. The trouble with this approach is that layers of dead leaves and other debris can smother lawns and other plants, preventing air, light, and essential nutrients from penetrating the ground below. Healthy landscape plants and grass rely on a healthy root system, which in turn relies on abundant access to water, air, and light.

Now, having healthy plants is already a huge reason to clear your rental property’s fallen leaves and dead garden plants, but that’s still not the only reason. There are additional reasons to clean up. For instance, uncleared leaves and dead flowers can result in common plant diseases that can ruin an otherwise healthy yard. As the debris piles up, it creates a blanket over the grass and other plants. This may trap moisture underneath and can result in damaging mold growths and other issues. Eventually, these diseases will kill existing plants. There is yet another problem that usually comes with uncleared dead leaves. That is the increase in insects and other pests. Many kinds of roaches, spiders, and small mammals flourish in layers of rotting foliage. As the population of these pests explodes outside, they would slowly reach more areas and eventually reach the inside of your rental home. You’re exposing your rental home to great risk. This is the reason why dead flowers, plants, and fallen leaves, have to be removed from the yard before winter arrives.

Not every leaf that falls has to be cleaned up and removed right away. That wouldn’t make much sense. But if you have large leaf falls, that’s a different story. Those should be addressed in a timely manner to prevent damage to your rental property’s landscaping, foundation, and even the roof and gutters. There are some good and efficient ways to get the job done. One way is to rake fallen leaves onto the lawn and then use a mulching mower to shred them into fine particles, which will sift down into the soil and fertilize the grass. Others may ask a professional company to send an experienced team to do the annual clean-up for them. This decision may be the better choice— more efficient and cost-effective— especially if you pick the right company.

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