From the Latin xero, or none, xeriscaping refers to a kind of landscaping that needs little or no water to maintain. People who reside in the southwestern United States see xeriscaping regularly as it is a popular choice for landscaping in the desert where rainfall basically doesn’t exist. The arid region has brought about some gorgeous low-water landscape designs. Utilizing varying colors and sizes of rock, ingenious and meaningful designs have lent the desert states a unique artistic flair. Moreover, against popular belief, greenery is also a part of xeriscaped yards, often working with trees and plants that are native to the area and therefore already adapted to the climate.

However, xeriscaping is not just rocks and cacti, no matter how beautiful. All over the country, xeriscaping continues to be an excellent choice for water conservation. Xeriscaping can be performed basically anywhere, with various financial and environmental benefits. It can save time, water, and finances. Such savings have clear benefits for owners of single-family rental properties. If performed well, xeriscaping could lead to some absolutely lovely landscaping options your renters will enjoy.

The first move toward creating a xeriscaped yard is to do some design and planning. Having a plan before you commence work can save you a lot of stress and hassle. There are a huge number of ways to make your place look beautiful, and the huge amount of options make things confusing. So, if design and planning aren’t your strong suit, there are professionals in your area with the needed skills in xeriscaping installation and maintenance.

As you plan your Humboldt landscape, keep in mind that xeriscaping typically restricts lawn spaces to small, functional accents. Xeriscaping doesn’t mean no grass, just that the amount of grass is little in comparison to the general size of the yard. Your residents might like that, since mowing the lawn will be easy and either take less time or cost less for upkeep with such a small space to take care of. Another important feature of xeriscaping is the usage of water-efficient plants. The right plantings can become beautiful natural accents while also saving water. As these plantings have low water needs, drip systems are normally utilized in place of the typical sprinklers to automate and significantly minimize the amount of water used.

With such low water usage, water utility expenses are going to significantly go down. Maintenance is reduced as well, meaning you can enjoy a beautiful yard with minimal effort. With a great number of benefits for both the owner and the resident, xeriscaping just makes sense for rental residences from Trinidad to Fortuna.

At Real Property Management Humboldt, we can help you find a team to enhance your property’s appeal with a water-efficient and aesthetically pleasing look. We have the experts you need to create and maintain the yard you want. Would you like to find out more? For further information, please email or call us at 707-444-3835.